Courses of department: CRH

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Course code Course name Semester Language of instruction Number of ECTS credits Course availability
CRH/AHE Anatomy, Histology and Embryology of Plants Summer Czech 5  
CRH/BAK Bachelor Thesis 1 Winter Czech 3  
CRH/BAKP Bachelor Thesis 2 Summer Czech 13  
CRH/BCBE Biogenesis of built-in cofactors and application of bio-nanocapsules Winter English 3  
CRH/BPV Biotechnological Crops and their utilization Winter Czech 2  
CRH/BRB Bioimaging of Plant Cells Winter Czech, English 3 The course is available to visiting students
CRH/BSB Stress Biology and Biotechnology Summer Czech, English 4  
CRH/BTI Biotechnological and Biochemical Information Summer English 3  
CRH/BTSE1 Seminar in Biotechnology 1 Winter Czech 2  
CRH/BTSE2 Seminar in Biotechnology 2 Summer Czech 2  
CRH/BTSE3 Seminar in Biotechnology 3 Winter Czech 2  
CRH/BTSE4 Seminar in Biotechnology 4 Summer Czech 2  
CRH/BTSE5 Seminar in Biotechnology 5 Winter Czech 2  
CRH/BTSE6 Seminar in Biotechnology 6 Summer Czech 2  
CRH/CS Cytoskeleton and Signalling Summer Czech, English 3  
CRH/DPR1 Diploma Thesis 1 Winter Czech 8  
CRH/DPR2 Diploma Thesis 2 Summer Czech 10  
CRH/DPR3 Diploma Thesis 3 Winter Czech 14  
CRH/DPR4 Diploma Thesis 4 Summer Czech 24  
CRH/GFP Theoretical and Practical Plant GFP Technologies and Confocal Laser Microscopy Winter Czech 4  
CRH/GFPT Recombinant GFP Technologies and their use Summer Czech 2  
CRH/MBBR Molecular Plant Cell Biology Winter Czech 5  
CRH/MF Molecular Phytopathology Winter Czech 4  
CRH/MIT Modern Techniques of Immunofluorescence Winter Czech, English 4 The course is available to visiting students
CRH/MM Microscopic Methods and their application in Biotechnology Summer Czech 4  
CRH/MSR Molecular Plant Breeding Summer Czech, English 4  
CRH/OP Professional Training Summer Czech 5  
CRH/PGSB9 Biogenesis and catalysis of built-in cofactors in bacterial enzymes Winter and summer English 0  
CRH/PKR Plant Tissue Cultures Winter Czech, English 4  
CRH/POS1 Advanced Seminar 1 Winter Czech 1  
CRH/POS2 Advanced Seminar 2 Summer Czech 1  
CRH/POS3 Advanced Seminar 3 Winter Czech 1  
CRH/POS4 Advanced Seminar 4 Summer Czech 1  
CRH/RP Seminar in Plant Proteomics Summer Czech 2  
CRH/SB Systems Biology Winter English 4  
CRH/TR Transient and stable Plant Transformation Summer Czech 5  
CRH/ZBT Fundamentals of Biotechnology Summer Czech 5  
CRH/ZBVB Fundamentals of Cell Developmental Biology Winter Czech 5  
CRH/ZGI Fundamentals of Gene Engineering Summer Czech 5  
CRH/ZGR Fundamentals of Plant Genetics Winter Czech 5  
CRH/ZHB Animal and Human Biotechnology Winter Czech 2  
CRH/ZP Fundamentals of Proteomics Summer Czech 3  
CRH/ZSR Fundamentals of Plant Breeding Winter Czech 4