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Course code Course name Semester Language of instruction Number of ECTS credits Course availability
KBC/AMB Application of microorganisms in biotechnology Winter Czech 3  
KBC/ANN1 English for Biochemists 1 Winter Czech, English 1  
KBC/ANN2 English for Biochemists 2 Summer Czech, English 3  
KBC/ASDNA unspecified Winter Czech 2  
KBC/ATAN unspecified Winter Czech 2  
KBC/BAK Bachelor Thesis 1 Winter Czech 3  
KBC/BAKP Bachelor Thesis 2 Summer Czech 13  
KBC/BAM Advanced Biochemical and Biotechnological Methods Winter Czech, English 4  
KBC/BCH Fundamentals of Biochemistry Winter Czech 4  
KBC/BCHC Practicals in Biochemistry Summer Czech 4  
KBC/BCHI Biochemical Information Summer Czech 2  
KBC/BCHR Plant Biochemistry Summer Czech 3  
KBC/BEN Bioenergetics Winter Czech, English 3  
KBC/BIME Biochemical Methods Summer Czech 4  
KBC/BIOS Biosensors Summer Czech 3  
KBC/BPOL Structure and Function of Biomacromolecules Summer Czech 3  
KBC/BSE1 Seminar in Biochemistry 1 Winter Czech 2  
KBC/BSE2 Seminar in Biochemistry 2 Summer Czech, English 2  
KBC/BSE3 Seminar in Biochemistry 3 Winter Czech 2  
KBC/BSE4 Seminar in Biochemistry 4 Summer Czech 2  
KBC/BSE5 Seminar in Biochemistry 5 Winter Czech 2  
KBC/BSE6 Seminar in Biochemistry 6 Summer Czech 2  
KBC/BTC Biotechnology Summer Czech 3  
KBC/BTCE Biotechnology - Excursions Summer Czech, English 3  
KBC/CGI Cloning and Genetic Engineering Summer Czech, English 3  
KBC/CPR Practicals in Proteomics Winter Czech 4  
KBC/DPR1 Master of Science Thesis Work 1 Winter Czech, English 8  
KBC/DPR2 Master of Science Thesis Work 2 Summer Czech, English 9  
KBC/DPR3 Master of Science Thesis Work 3 Winter Czech, English 15  
KBC/DPR4 Master of Science Thesis Work 4 Summer Czech, English 24  
KBC/DPRB1 unspecified Winter Czech 3  
KBC/DPRB2 unspecified Summer Czech 5  
KBC/DPRB3 unspecified Winter Czech 15  
KBC/DPRB4 unspecified Summer Czech 24  
KBC/EMB Experimental Methods in Biochemistry Winter Czech 7  
KBC/EMORR Experimental Methods in Studies of Plant Defense Responses Winter Czech, English 4  
KBC/ENZ Enzymology Summer Czech, English 3  
KBC/FOC Forensic Chemistry Summer Czech 3  
KBC/FYLAB Phytochemistry Practicals Summer Czech, English 4  
KBC/FYTCH Phytochemistry Winter Czech, English 2  
KBC/GEMAP unspecified Summer Czech 2  
KBC/GMO Legislative of genetically modified organisms and deregulation process Winter Czech, English 2  
KBC/HIBC History of Biochemistry Summer Czech 3  
KBC/IMCH Immunochemistry Summer Czech 3  
KBC/KBC Clinical Biochemistry Winter Czech 7  
KBC/LABT Basic Course in Laboratory Work Winter Czech 4  
KBC/LBP1 Summer Biotechnology Project 1 Winter and summer Czech, English 6  
KBC/LBP2 Summer Biotechnology Project 2 Winter and summer Czech, English 6  
KBC/MBC Practicals in Microbiology Summer Czech 4  
KBC/MBIO Practicals in Molecular Biology Summer Czech, English 7  
KBC/MBIOG Molecular Biology Winter Czech, English 3 The course is available to visiting students
KBC/MBIOZ Fundamentals of Molecular Biology Winter Czech 2  
KBC/MBTCV Practicum in microbial biotechnology Winter Czech 4  
KBC/MFYL unspecified Summer Czech 2  
KBC/MREG Metabolic Regulations Summer Czech 3  
KBC/NPRCR Across the Legal Ord. of the CR and the Right of Int. Property Summer Czech 3  
KBC/OMET General Metabolism Winter Czech 4  
KBC/OP Professional Training Summer Czech 5  
KBC/OSBI1 unspecified Winter Czech 1  
KBC/OSBI2 unspecified Summer Czech 1  
KBC/OSE1 Special Seminar 1 Winter Czech, English 1  
KBC/OSE2 Special Seminar 2 Summer Czech, English 1  
KBC/OSE3 Special Seminar 3 Winter Czech 1  
KBC/OSE4 Special Seminar 4 Summer Czech, English 2  
KBC/PGSA1 Primary metabolism and regulatory mechanisms Winter and summer Czech, English 20  
KBC/PGSB1 Experimental biochemistry Winter and summer Czech, English 20  
KBC/PGSB2 Biochemistry and physiology of plants Winter and summer Czech, English 20  
KBC/PGSB3 Molecular genetics Winter and summer Czech, English 20  
KBC/PGSB4 Genetically modified organisms Winter and summer Czech, English 20  
KBC/PGSB5 Proteomics Winter and summer Czech, English 20  
KBC/PGSB6 Structural bioinformatics Winter and summer Czech, English 20  
KBC/PGSB7 Xenobiochemistry Winter and summer Czech, English 20  
KBC/PGSB8 Protein chemistry Winter and summer Czech, English 20  
KBC/PGSB9 Biochemistry Winter and summer Czech 20  
KBC/PGSBC Biochemistry Winter and summer Czech, English 20  
KBC/PGSBM Biochemistry Winter and summer Czech 15  
KBC/PGSZZ Final State Examination Winter and summer Czech, English 0  
KBC/PMFV Project Management and Financing of Research from Public Sources Summer Czech 3  
KBC/PROT Proteomics Summer Czech, English 3  
KBC/PRP Preparation of Recombinant Proteins Summer Czech, English 2  
KBC/ROBC Plant Biochemistry Summer Czech 3  
KBC/SBI1 Seminar in bioinformatics 1 Winter Czech 2  
KBC/SBI3 Seminar in bioinformatics 3 Winter Czech 2  
KBC/SBI5 Seminar in bioinformatics 5 Winter Czech 2  
KBC/SBI6 Seminar in bioinformatics 6 Summer Czech 2  
KBC/SMEX Secondary Metabolites and Xenobiochemistry Winter Czech, English 4  
KBC/SRZBC Biochemistry Winter and summer Czech 0  
KBC/UBCH Introduction to Biochemistry Winter Czech 2  
KBC/VBP Nutrition and Food Biochemistry Winter Czech 2  
KBC/ZAGE Fundamentals of Genetics Winter Czech 2  
KBC/ZBINF Fundamentals of Bioinformatics Summer Czech, English 5  
KBC/ZCHV Fundamentals of Chemical Calculations Winter Czech 4  
KBC/ZPP PC Work Basics Winter Czech 2