Course: Practicum in Electronics

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Course title Practicum in Electronics
Course code KTE/KIPEL
Organizational form of instruction Exercise + On-line Activities
Level of course Bachelor
Year of study not specified
Semester Winter and summer
Number of ECTS credits 2
Language of instruction Czech
Status of course unspecified
Form of instruction Face-to-face
Work placements This is not an internship
Recommended optional programme components None
  • Dvořáková IVANKA, Ing. CSc.
  • Serafín Čestmír, doc. Ing. Dr.
  • Dvořáková Iva, Ing. CSc.
Course content
Topics: - proposal of a printed circuit and work with a solder, use of a computer to propose circuits (Formice), - measurement procedures in semi-conductor technology, simulation of circuits (Electronic Workbench, Edison), - measurement and controlling of measurement by computer (ISES, ?Lab systems), - proposal and measurement of a single-phase uncontrolled rectifier, - measurements at thyristors, transistors and analog integrated circuits, - measurement of frequency characteristics.

Learning activities and teaching methods
Work Activities, Grafic and Art Activities
  • Attendace - 13 hours per semester
  • Preparation for the Course Credit - 25 hours per semester
Learning outcomes
Measurements with the use of computer and computer simulations, methods of electronical measurements.
The aim of this course is to acquire basic skills in laboratory technique and familiarize with basic methods and work procedures in the laboratory. Students know fundamental methos of working and procedures in laboratory. Students apply teoretical experience to model situation during their work in laboratory
Theoretical knowledge of electronics, electrical engineering

Assessment methods and criteria
Analysis of Activities ( Technical works), Seminar Work

Records of realized measurements. Seminar project - a product with drawings.
Recommended literature
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Study plans that include the course
Faculty Study plan (Version) Branch of study Category Recommended year of study Recommended semester