Course: Cognitive Psychology

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Course title Cognitive Psychology
Course code PCH/KPB
Organizational form of instruction Lecture + Lesson
Level of course Bachelor
Year of study not specified
Semester Winter
Number of ECTS credits 4
Language of instruction Czech
Status of course Compulsory
Form of instruction Face-to-face
Work placements This is not an internship
Recommended optional programme components None
  • Dostál Daniel, PhDr. Ph.D.
  • Sadková Tereza, Mgr.
Course content
- Basic concepts of cognitive psychology, mental representations, constructs, mental models. - Consciousness and its functions. - Attention, its types and functions. - Sleeping and dreaming, stages of sleep, theories of dreaming. - Sensory processes. - Perception: localization, recognition, perceptual constancies. - Learning, its types and functions. - Memory system, long-term memory. - Forgetting, childhood amnesia, constructive memory. - Imagination, propositions and mental imagery (S. Kosslyn).

Learning activities and teaching methods
Monologic Lecture(Interpretation, Training), Dialogic Lecture (Discussion, Dialog, Brainstorming), Projection (static, dynamic)
  • Homework for Teaching - 10 hours per semester
  • Semestral Work - 20 hours per semester
  • Attendace - 30 hours per semester
  • Preparation for the Exam - 40 hours per semester
Learning outcomes
Students will be acquainted with following themes: Basic concepts of cognitive psychology, consciousness and its functions, cognitive processes.
Basic orientation in the field of cognitive psychology in its contemporary problems and research themes.
Basic knowledge about cognitive processes classification and functions.

Assessment methods and criteria
Oral exam, Written exam, Seminar Work

Students are required complete their assignments and to pass a final exam test.
Recommended literature
  • Eysenck, M. W., Keane, M. T. (2008). Kognitivní psychologie. Praha.
  • Nolen-Hoeksema, S. a kol. (2012). Psychologie Atkinsonové a Hilgarda. Praha.
  • Plháková A. (2013). Spánek a snění. Praha.
  • Plháková Alena. (2009). Učebnice obecné psychologie.
  • Sternberg, R. (2002). Kognitivní psychologie. Praha.
  • Šikl R. (2012). Zrakové vnímání. Praha.

Study plans that include the course
Faculty Study plan (Version) Branch of study Category Recommended year of study Recommended semester
Faculty of Arts Psychology (2015) Psychology courses 1 Winter